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Venus (plus Lilith & Neptun) in Pisces/Fische

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27.01.2020 19:57

(See English text down below) Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

wenn Venus sich am Montag den 27. Januar am dritten Tag nach Neumond mit Neptun trifft, hat sie auch ein exaktes Quadrat zu Mars im Zeichen Schütze. Der dritte Tag nach Neumond ist normalerweise der, an dem die Mondsichel scharf wieder erscheint – das ist das eigentliche Zeichen des monatlichen Neubeginns – im Wassermann Sonne jetzt unter dem Thema Freiheit (von oder zu was auch immer).

Mars im Zeichen Schütze hat was vor, Venus in den Fischen könnte jedoch gleichzeitig mit Visionen beschäftigt sein (Lilith dabei kümmert gesellschaftliche Konvention wenig), die Mars´ Dynamik aus dem Feuerzeichen ausbremsen, weil nicht von dieser Welt mit Neptun …

Aber ein überwundenes Quadrat – in dem Fall ein solches, dass Vision und Kühnheit, Fische und Schütze zusammen verwirklicht, kann Ende Januar 2020 Großes vollbringen.

Und negativ? Negativ wäre der alkoholisierte Dummkopf, der sich mit Schütze-Mars überschätzt mit den üblichen Konsequenzen …

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Dear readers,

when Venus meets on Monday 27th with Neptun the third day after New-Moon, she builds a perfect square with Mars at the same time. The third day after New Moon normally is the one, we discover the first sickle of Crescent Moon – that is the real sign of monthly new beginning – with Aquarius Sun now on the theme of freedom (of or for whatever).

Mars in Sagittarius has plans, but Venus with Neptun in Pisces could be working on (Lilith does not care too much about societal consensus) visions, that could block Mars´ dynamics from the fire site, for Venus is not out of this world with Neptun´s company …

But a square overcome – in this case one, that realizes boldness and vision, Sagittarius and Pisces together, could have a great outcome end of January.

And what about negative? Negative, we see the alcoholic fool, overestimating with the usual results …




Scorpio Taurus New Moon

Dear readers,

New Moon leads to fulfillment at Full Moon: but, as Pam Gregory points out, not the next following the very same month, but the one within the same sign: Taurus Sun Scorpio Full-Moon next year 2020. We are not used to think in long distance any more. Get everything quick and get it now is the rule of our changing times.

Graphics down below show this way. They free the road to walk now with ideas planted like flower bulbs (Mercury & Venus meet at Wednesday 23:06, Mercury very slow, Venus very fast) – for those, able to read it (others might like to have Astrologers reading privately and with their own chart in the centre of attention? (markus.termin – skype!) – to rise up and push through next spring/fall (depends on the half of earth, you stay on).

Important for Middle-Europe: Mars in Libra rising on New-Moon (she´s out of sight, but rules the sword, too), Leo rising on next years Taurus Sun Scorpio Full-Moon. This shall be the road of metamorphosis on this pair of meanings: Libra to Lion: socialising to ruling.

Libra: through exchange, talking and art (beauty of art)  we´ll get into ruling position of Leo, love, children, fun.

Full-Moon realises in 8th house of New-Moon, New-Moon sets foundations in 3rd. house of Full-Moon. Jupiter (NM) first house 5 in FM-Chart – gets to be a Jupiter/Pluto (big money) one and will be moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn – great (magic) aims to foundation. North Node and Lilith will have changed signs plus Mars tenses the bow from airy sign of beauty, Libra, to airy sign of freedom, Aquarius.



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