Prager Frühling – Prague Spring – Jaro

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Europa, Prague

What does Pluto in the chart? Was macht Pluto im Horoskop?

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Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, dear readers:

was ist wirklich Pluto im Skorpion? Fällt euch bei dem Bild was ein? Darum geht´s wohl.

what is Pluto in Scorpio, really? Any idea just by the picture? Guess, you are right. To think about Pluto now, as he is to be seen in Capricorn house 10 down below for the moment, involves questions of authority and rule.

Der aktuelle Pluto im Zeichen Steinbock in Haus 10 wird bei Pluto-Diskussionen jetzt immer den Beiklang von Regel und Bestimmung haben.

The Pluto in Scorpio Generation have birthdays between November 1983 and November 1995. Pluto is having now a friendly Sextile from Capricorn to those of you, who where born in the 90s already, but the others from Pluto in Scorpio generation also still get a friendly blink. Saturn midst of Capricorn, ruler of the sign (very strong therefore), is just today finishing his retrograde walk and will be running straight direct the next weeks coming up with upbuilding and new development.

Die Pluto im Skorpion Generation hat Geburtstage zwischen November 1983 und November 1995. Pluto bildet ein freundliches Sextil aus dem Steinbock für diejenigen, die schon in den 90gern geboren sind, aber auch die anderen aus der Pluto in Skorpion-Generation profitieren von der Harmonie.

Saturn jetzt in der Mitte des Steinbocks (14°, 4,5,6 Januar geboren), Regent des eigenen Zeichens, also super stark, beendet gerade heute seinen rückläufigen Spaziergang und wird in den nächsten Wochen direktläufig beschleunigen und mit aufbauenden und neuen Entwicklungen aufwarten.

To me it seems, any Pluto-generation comes to the point of public responsibility. Now it´s Pluto in Virgo to be in the ruling position: cleaning up, healing power to sick Natur (trying to fix what Pluto in Leo ruined in his grandezza), waste policy on a modern level, and so on … So it´s on Pluto in Scorpio to wait for real power (and this drives him crazy) – after long years of transformation – through those with Pluto in Libra are first! We should work on the conditions today, to use the Pluto-power beneficial for our brothers and sisters, when it comes to formation of Pluto-Scorpio in the very public.

Ich beobachte, dass jede Pluto-Generation in die öffentliche Verantwortung gezogen wird. Zur Zeit ergreift Pluto in Jungfrau die dominate Stellung: aufräumen, Heilungskräfte in die kranke Natur (versucht zu reparieren, was Pluto in Löwe mit seiner Grandezza ruiniert hat), moderne Abfallpolitik, usw. … Also muss Pluto in Skorpion auf wahre Macht warten (und das macht ihn verrückt) – nach langen Jahren der Transformation – denn die mit Pluto in Waage kommen zuerst! Aber wir sollten schon heute vorbauen, um die Pluto-Kraft segensreich zu nutzen für unsere Brüder und Schwestern, wenn Skorpion-Pluto sich öffentlich manifestiert.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Ahoj, cool run´s



16.09.2019, Mondaufgang während ich diesen Post schreibe, Moon rising while posting this text.


Golden Prague Mirabelle – zlaté pražské mirabelle švestky

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Dear readers,

from June to August, if you know the places and the grade of ripeness, best after a cleaning rain, you might well get your whole daily needs of at least Vitamin C through those all little different tasty lovely fruits.

Don´t be shy as long as it´s a public tree, next heavy rain pulls down half of the ripe fruits anyway; – in the middle ages not a single one of those was lost, where ever the art of burning liquor or even fruit preservation of any kind was being practiced. But nowadays most Prague residents are gone for the country – only tourists, the ones who keep the business going plus of course all people who can´t afford to leave town for one or another reason will be in Prague itself.

The country of Bohemia is full of fresh little rivers and hillsides – what greater fun could there be, but to go with nature, when summer sun is burning hot? And don´t let everybody know, where you found those chanterelles (later in the year), unless you´re happy to miss them next year … ?!

Was it the king who left town for his summer-residences, now it´s everybody, like everybody has a bathroom and a real picture of himself …

The angel over the door is at St. Rochus – now Gallery Miro – right on the boarder-line in between the Prague Cancer and the zodiac-Leo-zone – taken from Milan Špůreks astrological ground-plan.

And Prague herself is a Leo from old myths with an Eagle/Scorpio fighting him, too.