Vyhrajete ve znamení Panny

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ähnlich eingefärbte Horoskope – Jungfrau mit Wasser-Mond – und eine Bestätigung der These, dass Ähnliches durch Ähnliches geheilt werden kann. So, wie beim Metronom und Vratislav Karel Novák und Joseph Stalin – beide Schütze mit Skorpion-Mars …

Doch dann eine (sehr weite) Mars-Opposition. Es wird also zumindest keine GroKo.






Neptune in a miracle world – záplava in parliament

Dear readers,

it was not on fools day! Was there any doubt, it´s all about Neptune? – remember Theresa May having her Mars in Pisces opposing Jupiter in Virgo – what comes down from the ceiling is the kind of synchronicity, that makes all clear, we are still living in a miracle world: as if the show in parliament wouldn´t be weird enough – there are a least 14 words for „creepy“ in English … as this event appears we have a

Pisces-Stellium with Venus and Mercury closely conjuncting Neptune, the joke of it – I´m afraid – for astrologers understandable only. Many colleagues are subject to a misunderstanding Neptun/Mercury, for they dislike Pisces and don´t understand Neptune: he´s not the climate-change, but Fake-Science about climate change … what needs care though is environment – climate we can´t influence, the sun´s doing it all, change is fate on mankind, always happening.

yours sincerely,