Neptune in a miracle world – záplava in parliament

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it was not on fools day! Was there any doubt, it´s all about Neptune? – remember Theresa May having her Mars in Pisces opposing Jupiter in Virgo – what comes down from the ceiling is the kind of synchronicity, that makes all clear, we are still living in a miracle world: as if the show in parliament wouldn´t be weird enough – there are a least 14 words for „creepy“ in English … as this event appears we have a

Pisces-Stellium with Venus and Mercury closely conjuncting Neptune, the joke of it – I´m afraid – for astrologers understandable only. Many colleagues are subject to a misunderstanding Neptun/Mercury, for they dislike Pisces and don´t understand Neptune: he´s not the climate-change, but Fake-Science about climate change … what needs care though is environment – climate we can´t influence, the sun´s doing it all, change is fate on mankind, always happening.

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„Order!“ – High noon for double May

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„Quoting from the guide to parliamentary procedure, Erskine May, Bercow said the question „may not be brought forward again during the same session“ and that it was a „strong and longstanding convention“ dating back to 1604.“

(The Guardian – today)

Erskine May, 08.02.1815 (noon chart), outer ring: 19.03.2019

Whow! Isn´t this a pleasure to see for any astrologer? John Bercow´s decision is being reflected by the chart of his source Erskine May. Lilith perfectly on Erskine´s Mercury in Aquarius. And what a Lilith decision that one is! But this post is for the magic of it: „May, May, may be in May … “ – we hereby find, that our so called enlightened age is still on the rule of names and words to find their path on real unfolding. Also watch Mercury retrograde on Ol´ Erskine´s Pluto in Pisces – for a third meaningful vote – „not to be made … „. Without the May-magic, this trick woudn´t be working: literally in her own word Bercow stoped May. Nobody will notice anyway … besides of the funny note …

And then, isn´t there – comparing Bercow´s and E. May´s physiognomy – a certain likeness?

John Bercow himself (19.01.1963) has his natal Chiron at the very same position, Erskine May had his – „so the nos have it, the nos have it … “ Order!

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