Mercury in Cazimi

Dear readers,

this is an audience in the heart of matter. Reality-talk, pure reasoning. Making plans with the king. As the sun sets in the sign of Gemini now from today until Juli 21rd, we get quicker move back and forth. Mercury will run retrograde up to July 3rd.

Magic matters (it´s Hermes!), but the stock market does, too – which is the same topic of an other extreme on magical use anyway: the symbolic exchange-system on trust and numbers.

To unwind the stuck energy, Jupiter from the Aries site gives sextile-credit to the boss, the Sun & Mercury in Gemini. Only for a short time, a few hours this evening, because Mercury drifts back retrograde to Taurus. „A deal is a deal“ (but you could also try to steal your brothers cattle).

The Sun moves on in the first and falling sign of Air, means informational spirit, intelligence, short distance movement, inland traveling, siblings, butterflies, tricks.

Don´t let them speed you up. The biggest Gemini-born challenge is to be happy, not to pretend to be.



Merkur in Cazimi

21.05.2022 21:18, Prague


Mercury in Pisces 2020 Merkur in Fische

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser (read English text below)

grundsätzlich ist Merkur dieses Jahr sehr lange im Zeichen Fische, denn er wird dort am 17. Feb. retrograd mit all den üblichen nahezu albernen Wundern des Funktionsausfalls – bei Merkur rückläufig über Neptun in Wassermann z.B. hatten wir damals das durch Bauarbeiten gerissene Überseekabel am Suez-Kanal für die Netzverbindung zwischen Europa und Asien, die für Tage gekappt war.

Am 3. April erst, nur ein paar Tage vor dem Widder/Waage Vollmond – wenn aber der Mond noch in Löwe ist, treffen sich erst Merkur und Neptun, alles noch Fische. Dieser Aspekt kann eine offene Tür in die spirituellen Welten sein.

Unten das Eintrittshoroskop für Merkurs lange Reise durch die Fische. Zwillinge steigt auf und Merkur ist in der Himmelsmitte. Er wird ein Sextil zum Herrn der Himmelsmitte, Uranus für Wassermann augenblicklich aber im Stier machen, daher sind Erwartungen diesmal nicht unrealistisch, auch ein Sextil zu Jupiter, Herr von 7 ist mehrmals vorgesehen; – wichtige Begegnungen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Dear readers!

on general Mercury is having a this years long journey through the sign of Pisces, as he is going to turn retrograde with all the usual ongoing silly disfunctional miracles, with special regards to www we all depend on by now.

On 3rd of April, just a few days before Aries/Libra Full Moon – but with Moon still in Leo –  Mercury and Neptun meet. This is like an open door to the spiritual world.

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Mercury is ready to leave Pisces at April 11th – and will have stayed there with short but interesting interruption back in Aquarius (04.03 – 16.03) from 03.02.2020 12;37 first ingres (entrance), of which we see the Middle-Europe-chart here. It shows importance of highest position of Mercury, coming square to the Moon, (basically income questions to be discussed), rising of Gemini (movement, fun, information, deal, siblings), ruler of Gemini & Virgo (house 5) in charge, will have sextile to Uranus making ambitions not unrealistic at all this time for Mercury …

Meeting house 8 people – those who manage others possessions – due to Mercury´s upcoming sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn.