Mercury in Cazimi

Dear readers,

this is an audience in the heart of matter. Reality-talk, pure reasoning. Making plans with the king. As the sun sets in the sign of Gemini now from today until Juli 21rd, we get quicker move back and forth. Mercury will run retrograde up to July 3rd.

Magic matters (it´s Hermes!), but the stock market does, too – which is the same topic of an other extreme on magical use anyway: the symbolic exchange-system on trust and numbers.

To unwind the stuck energy, Jupiter from the Aries site gives sextile-credit to the boss, the Sun & Mercury in Gemini. Only for a short time, a few hours this evening, because Mercury drifts back retrograde to Taurus. „A deal is a deal“ (but you could also try to steal your brothers cattle).

The Sun moves on in the first and falling sign of Air, means informational spirit, intelligence, short distance movement, inland traveling, siblings, butterflies, tricks.

Don´t let them speed you up. The biggest Gemini-born challenge is to be happy, not to pretend to be.



Merkur in Cazimi

21.05.2022 21:18, Prague