Venus/Uranus Sextil tops Capricorn/Steinbock Stellium

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Dear readers,

this was a real life/death decision (Pluto/Saturn house 10) in the Reichstag in Berlin: organ donation stays donation – the scientistic oriented (tending more and more to an authoritarian led science state China-style, laboriously hiding the foam from their mouth when it comes to freedom of method, Homöopathie and so on …) would have preferred the other outcome: you would have to fix a written NO, in case you don´t want your body being a source of potential after death use.

The question is multidimensional and not easy to answer. Lot´s of people waiting for a donation. And others being afraid of slaughter while still being half alive.

One true unanswered question is the credibility of our medical systems, a lot of creep moved our minds as scandals plopped out.

So astrologically, freedom won, the „noes have it, the noes have it“: special credits to Venus/Uranus in Sextile …



16.01.2020 11:38 Berlin


„Order!“ – High noon for double May

Dear readers,

„Quoting from the guide to parliamentary procedure, Erskine May, Bercow said the question „may not be brought forward again during the same session“ and that it was a „strong and longstanding convention“ dating back to 1604.“

(The Guardian – today)

Erskine May, 08.02.1815 (noon chart), outer ring: 19.03.2019

Whow! Isn´t this a pleasure to see for any astrologer? John Bercow´s decision is being reflected by the chart of his source Erskine May. Lilith perfectly on Erskine´s Mercury in Aquarius. And what a Lilith decision that one is! But this post is for the magic of it: „May, May, may be in May … “ – we hereby find, that our so called enlightened age is still on the rule of names and words to find their path on real unfolding. Also watch Mercury retrograde on Ol´ Erskine´s Pluto in Pisces – for a third meaningful vote – „not to be made … „. Without the May-magic, this trick woudn´t be working: literally in her own word Bercow stoped May. Nobody will notice anyway … besides of the funny note …

And then, isn´t there – comparing Bercow´s and E. May´s physiognomy – a certain likeness?

John Bercow himself (19.01.1963) has his natal Chiron at the very same position, Erskine May had his – „so the nos have it, the nos have it … “ Order!

Yours Markus

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