Venus/Uranus Sextil tops Capricorn/Steinbock Stellium

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Dear readers,

this was a real life/death decision (Pluto/Saturn house 10) in the Reichstag in Berlin: organ donation stays donation – the scientistic oriented (tending more and more to an authoritarian led science state China-style, laboriously hiding the foam from their mouth when it comes to freedom of method, Homöopathie and so on …) would have preferred the other outcome: you would have to fix a written NO, in case you don´t want your body being a source of potential after death use.

The question is multidimensional and not easy to answer. Lot´s of people waiting for a donation. And others being afraid of slaughter while still being half alive.

One true unanswered question is the credibility of our medical systems, a lot of creep moved our minds as scandals plopped out.

So astrologically, freedom won, the „noes have it, the noes have it“: special credits to Venus/Uranus in Sextile …



16.01.2020 11:38 Berlin