Full Moon & partial Eclipse Cancer/Capricorn

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Dear readers,

this Full Moon Eclipse is about new starts with feeling towards family – the house it´s happening in – if you are Libra rising with Cancer house 10 it´s family/profession with moons position to give more details. Queen Elisabeth II is being touched exactly on her house1/7 axis, to give a significant public example. Prince Harry as well, Capricorn rising.

It does not seem like Cancer on the rise at the moment, because Capricorn gives such an impressive panorama view of seriousness – but Capricorn is a song of the past, actually. It says: rules, rocks, hard work, fury of so called reality, the dragon-tail with all it´s plutonic load is a thing of the past now (does not mean, there is no role for that) – but Cancer-softening ratio means forming truth nowadays. This is what North Node in Cancer is about. Weak is strong. Why? Cancer is Jing/Yang  ♋️ – turning point, turning great masses out of soft power-centre. Have a shell. Water. Cancer is also opposite technique – it´s three or four people working in a good team get done more than three or four on a loners lost point desert of cold icy rock, because of each others depending unity  … understanding instead of competition (it should be). Plus: feelings will bring better outcome than disciple only – as long as North-Node dragon-head is in the tropical Cancer. But only true feelings, fake is Neptun on a negative perspective, big bang out of nothing, black holes freezing time, gravitational waves and dark matter bullshit – putting phantasy of fourth dimension on the place of undividable „heart of truth“, as Parmenides points out.

Plus: Mars in Sagittarius is a daring worrier. Venus end of Aquarius is looking for unconventional solutions without allies. Neptun still is King – nobody knows nothing. Uranus puts up backwards but just turning direct and thus standing almost still a serious discussion about wealth and money reminding of Marx, even in the royal family (Cancer) „we want to work for our money“ *… Chiron start of Aries close Lilith Pisces … not to mention, tragical, too … , …





10.01.2020 20:21 MEZ

 * Remember Uranus crossing Queen´s Sun at wedding Harry/Megan!