„Gett´n real …“

Foto Termin ©

Dear readers,

with Jupiter in Capricorn it´s about: getting real. What – aren´t we real anyhow? – not really – Jupiter sitting at the Olympus Mountain (picture above: Anza Borrgego Parks) is still a little bit more real, than we are. Why is that? It´s because Jupiter like any God doesn´t sleep. But a mountain does. A mountain is so called in very deep sleep, plants to a much lesser extent, so are animals. Ourselves live 1/3 in the outer-worlds while we are asleep. Sometimes we remember details of the road from here to there and call it a dream. Some dreams are visions, some are transformative healing processes, mind cleaning operations by covering up through repetition and variation of traumatic experiences in daily life (including movies) – so what does it mean, getting real with Jupiter adding it´s energy to Capricorn, where Pluto, Saturn, Dragons-tail, Venus already are? Big meeting there: getting real.

It´s about losing the old burdon – what old burdon? There´s allways one important and clear kept old burdon, „everybody knows“*, where he/she stuffed it away, so it´s out of sight. Therefore, It´s not possible, to tell from the individuals outside. It´s just as easy as that about spirit, otherwise it would miss it´s special place of care.

Jochen Kirchhoff hat den Gedanken geäußert, die Hypothese, die „Götter wären tot oder abwesend (in Nietzsches Sinn)“ sei eventuell auch nur pathetisches Gerede und weit von der Wahrheit entfernt.

Ahoj, mit freundlichen Grüßen,


*Leonard Cohen made a song about that.