Twins battle on Full Moon

Foto Termin ©

Dear readers,

I am afraid, Johnson, one of the twins, will win. He is Jupiter in house 1, Corbin, the other Twin-sign-person is the Moon and Mercury ruler of house 7 but actually being in house 12 – house 12 in mundane charts is not the winning section. Johnson harvests all the stupid and proud gone since long Capricorn stubbornness with Pluto, Dragon-tail, Saturn, Jupiter and – just for a short time sweetened -Venus.

Nonetheless Britain in one way or the other will stay with the EU – for the EU are Britains biggest and closest market. May be, a by then necessarily changed EU could reintegrate what is left of the British Union in regional pieces? But what the heck with all that egalitarianism? Europe does not speak with one voice. Well, may be that´s opposite of weakness?

With „climate change“ any old dragon can pretend to be a young eagle now – and all the pupils Friday gather their voices for the installation of CO2 taxation – butterflies saving is not part of the plan, jet, is it?



London, sunrise chart 12.12.2019