Venus im Zeichen Widder – Venus in Aries

Foto Termin ©

Dear readers,

Venus and the Moon are the two lights in the sky, that are easy visible despite light pollution – but many people just don´t have a look, even if they are interested in astrology.  Take a few minutes, to have a look (around 20:00 these days) – your reward will be real orientation, because if you know the Zodiac-sign where Venus as an evening star (she can be morning star as well, mysteriously we call her Luzifer then: light and knowledge bringing star) resides in Aries while declining, at the same time you know about the sign, that is rising on the eastern opposite side of the „picture“, Libra: it´s a very simple and basic game, but gives real orientation – not only in the world, but in cosmos itself – and an exalted inner feeling.

The Aries section of the Zodiac – where she resides now – transforms her to a territory (Taurus she rules) guard/fighter (Aries): in any sense – intellectual or real territory: she´s not a team player in Aries, wants her own „little green rosetta“ (F.Z), but she will fight for beauty (bringing Libra, she´s ruling too, to Aries) …

With Venus set as night falls in (and a little later Uranus in Taurus), there will be no planet left on this side of night view until hopefully by God´s will Moon is rising next morning: a truly one-sided thing, we therefore need some balance from the other side …