The New Soundbox …

Dear readers,

not quite finished, jet. But it´s adequate to Venus in her sign and Mars in his – Taurus and Aries. beauty & strength. Then it fit´s to present Neptune course in Pisces: very dreamy … but! … : have a look at Saturn in Aquarius, rolling backwards (kind of retro) – real. And Mercury in Gemini is handcrafted thinking. Now Venus has a square to Saturn: see the box all in squares. And Neptune is in an exact sextile to Venus, real dream again. In the process of making, the planetary forces integrate and feed what gets to be something. Not only in building instruments, but without any exception in everything. However us women and men are able to hold some independence. Therefore the knowledge of Astrology is essential for mankind. And that is the reason, why Astrology is being fought by the forces of evil. All this is also Astrology´s own Karma.



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