Venus also still Pisces – auch Venus noch in Fische

Dear readers,

Venus is in her higher dignity in the sign of Pisces – you can prove that from the Zodiak of Dendara from Old Egypt.

For those of you newcomers to Astrology: catch a view on real Venus in the Sky right after sunset!

End of Pisces Venus is the brightest object in heaven, just as bright as the waxing Moon – (find the German word „wachsen“ – to grow) who now just entered Cancer. Please take time to connect with Venus one of the following evenings. By finding her, you also got the Zodiak position, she´s on: 27:42° Pisces – and as she seems to be sinking Venus-Set, in fact world is turning towards new day.

Next point to focus with plain eye is Moon in Cancer, master of emotion, and that is about all you can see on an evening sky in the city – but it is enough to make contact with the zodiak – to get a feeling of distance and position for real.

Mars square Venus: bow is getting relaxed, but still Full Moon high energy building up.

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