Great Britain & Brexit

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Dear readers,

I think GB will leave on 31. of October – astrologically because of the south node just above Great Britains Sun – karmic past (plus Saturn and Pluto) rolls over GB´s Capricorn Sun – and what might happen then? Are we going to see Britain´s resolution? Independent Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland?

To answer that question, we can look at the chart of England, too (down below) – and what a surprise – although we have Julian Calendar – south node hits England´s Sun as well.

Really astonishing: Pluto in Pisces having a very close conjunction – regardless of the fact, there is 735 years in between the two charts!

On 15. May 2012, when the word „Brexit“ was first noticed, Neptune was at 03.03° Pisces right above Pluto of both charts – England´s and that of the United Kingdom – now isn´t that remarkable? It´s like „Neptune coming home“ – remember far out slow moving Pluto and Neptun have a 3:2 orbital resonance!

So I fear: after all, the price Britain will have to pay for Brexit is indeed resolution: Scotland is going to stick to the EU – and probably Northern Ireland as well.

We witness an ongoing process of a crumbling „Pluto´s ruling the waves Empire“ – Falkland War and Iraq War obviously have the barrel overflowed – what we watch in Hongkong is part of the greater picture.



Innen Großbritannien 01.01.1801 midnight, außen 31.10.2019 midnight

See also my correct prediction on the Brexit vote 2016 (German language only, might have to use the translater):

inside 25.12.1066 12:00 am, outside 31.10.2019 23:59