Billie Eilish while the Sun moves Pisces

Dear readers,

see Neptun, the green symbol down below the letters AC 17:18 – in the sign of Pisces, as Billie Eilish is rising Pisces with Lilith/Mars in this water-sign, too!

She got to sing a song about „No time to die“ for old white man James Bond – her hair is in between green and blue, mermaid her appearance; her voice sounds, as if she´d been hurt, artificial blood in her face appears as a medium of style in a video I just watched – no wonder: considering what all the movie contents have been about, as she got of age and in her childhood.

She talks a lot about public tears (Neptun, water) and feelings (Cancer, Neptun fake) today – as she got some price in Britain – and she is far to young to sing about Bond´s dying – played by Pisces actor Daniel Craig – and all this with water Pisces rising at the first day of the Sun in Pisces 2020 plus Neptun exactly on her rising super important point, the Ascendent.

See Uranus over her Point of Luck in material/sensible Taurus in house two, too: Uranus flashing income … but another young woman as „public-dragons-meal“? – wasn´t Amy (Virgo) enough?

Neptun at the AC is borderless in and out –  this girl is easy to lose herself – let´s pray for her, so she finds the exit out of business quick enough … all the skins swimming away with Neptun at AC – unless you are a spiritually skilled and/or strong anchored person. Careers of that kind tend to end tragically around the age of 27.

The only thing, that anchors her astrologically, is Mercury in earth-sign Capricorn in distant company with Chiron in the same sign: this is the voice, I was talking about, sounds like hurt (Chiron).

Moon/Uranus plus Neptun in Aquarius in houses 11 and 12 is like a genius public radio system. Jupiter Cancer holds strongest position, means roots (in water). There is a  parental conflict – the chart saying: be yourself or have success – both is the recompense of a long hard life-struggle.

Pluto/Saturn show an opposition – structure (Saturn) and power (Pluto) have to be balanced out – and no wonder Saturn in house 3 is the brother (house 3 = house of siblings, movement, small journeys), being her manager – but the opposition to Pluto in the same sign with Sun Sagittarius shows, that she´ll have to fight for freedom, hopefully not with self-destruction as a last left „weapon“.

Sorry for fans: but there is responsibility, too.