Neptun & Lilith in Pisces: Northstream II

Dear readers,

to follow this gentleman´s teachings (see down below this post) opens indeed a strategic view to the motivation and understanding of those, who fight it out – for us. Understanding this Aquarius with a Pisces Moon & Lilith integrating by aspect this mighty Pluto-Opposition, too, means understanding US-military policy itself, for this man probably is the public voice of US decision makers.

Sometimes this highly credible speaker – all his children, male and female seem to serve in the Navy or Army – talks as if it would be his personal interest, his own forces to operate and run the power of the empire with ca. 700 military bases all around the world. One of his main confessions is, that US controls the Sea – Lilith in Pisces. Neptun himself being midst of Libra in his chart reveals a deep longing for diplomacy and understanding. Chiron in Sagittarius is probably at home position, a Centaur anyway. Saturn in Virgo gives the unrelenting power of the idea of order: René Descartes, who de-emotionalised science for good or bad, had this Saturn in Virgo, too.

Supposed, he´s right about the main goal of US-foreign policy the last 100 years, then North Stream II is a main subject of irritation in between Germany and US – in just one category we are now with Iran or Russia: sanction bills are hurled against us. We are a US-target for punishment just as Julian Assange, and it´s not only about spying the chancellors cellphone. Plus it´s not bad boy Donald Trump doing it, but it´s a basical, rural offense from Congress and Senat: also the „good guys“ are against the pipeline.

But this pipeline is almost ready, and in case, we have to break up the works, it would be another Merkel project of this decade, we have to wait for in vain. Making us breaking up this North Stream II project now, as it is almost done, is vicious. At the same time we lose GB and face more refugees, as middle east is at no ease at all.

How come, there´s a missunderstanding about sovereignty in between Germany and US? The US think, their arm of justice comprises the whole world. And if you look at reality, they are right. Whether it is on a legal subject, or on a Lilith-form of non-justice: drone killings from Rammstein – or even in the world of fantasy – the US are the only power, to practice what George Friedman tells openly – as probably the most influential military strategic thinker: the one, who decides, because decision-makers pick the phone and call him, before they act – also read his books.

Suddenly Germany finds itself in the situation of being challenged by his great protector, who first of all has done maximum effort with fighting WW II – according to Friedman – to keep the powers divided, that want to have an increasing gas business now, while our US-friends want to sell gas, too. For them it´s just incredible, as we long to buy gas from the enemy, they try to dry out by oil-price all time low and encircling.

What makes George Friedman almost surrealistic, is the fact, that he is allowed to speak it all out openly. He speaks with the realistic view of historical truth: saying war is an unavoidable state of civilization – considering who is strong and who is weak at all terms, not just military – and also sees weakness as a danger, that might threaten by sinking and decline like he expects Russia to do so – and also China. And – of course – for Friedman US is not a power in retirement, but just waking up to self-consciousness.

See Lilith running in Pisces right now and also in George Friedman´s birth chart: