Horoskop první republiky Mars v Střelci

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Dear Readers,

down below you see the astrological chart of the Republic of 1918 – it´s the moment of first or most remembered public pronouncement on „Koňský trh“, horse market, Pferdemarkt – Václavské náměstí by Bohdan Zahradník. For those of you, who might be unsecure or even unfavourable on Astrology, here you can get a quick glimpse on how it works in general: the first chart down below has a Sagittarius Mars rising – Střelec – and if you remember, whenever it´s heavy business in Prague, someone climbs a horse – Jan Žižka von Trocnov is one of many examples –  so did Bohdan Zahradník with the brass horse on St. Wenzelslaus Platz, Wenceslas Square – as Mars was rising in Sagittarius. See red Mars rising down below. There is also the North Node in Sagittarius rising, Dragons head, Rahu – future ways – and now – what I really wanted to show you – down below you see the chart of the very moment of birth of the present State CZ in terms of Constitutional stipulation – and so you see almost at the very same point in Sagittarius where on the upper chart 1918 Mars can be found as leading energy of the rising sign (both bold fire-symbols) – the North-Node, Rahu, Dragons-head: „Where to go the way – the arrow of aim“ in Sagittarius again. 

Of course, there could be a book written on both charts and how time hit´s the figure of reason, that created the grounding impulse of the nation, to make the best of it. Fate is not necessarily written, but can be done – on wider scales …

Whow, what a miracle!



Bohdan Zahradník chart on Wenzelsplatz

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