The Queen of England and Harry´s wedding …


Innen Königin Elisabeth II, 21.04.1926 02:40 London, außen 19.05.2018 13:39 wedding Harry


Dear Readers,

first of all, it´s a deliberation for the Queen herself. See Uranus embracing her sun, twice upon a lifetime (for her as a special gift, primarily was early June 1934 – when she first met her later husband and Pluto was at her Descendent, bringing up all the tragical revelations that led her to the throne) – Uranus will be retrograde and coming up twice – is there more to tell? See Pluto & Lilith with the Ketu-Node, the dragons-tail rising in the Queens chart – no wonder she would be called Reptilian (sorry for tasteless mentioning, Oscar Wilde would or would not have said) – but, hey! – we all are dragons from ancient times, it´s part of our oldest brain-structure, scientists say! … Harry (not the Potter) has Capricorn rising, too (dragon tail end of Scorpio)  – no wonder she likes him the most … She loves Meghan, for Meghan´s sun worms up her Moon in Leo … soon things get tough, as Saturn hits both of their Ascendents, Harry and Elisabeth II the rising point … How she keeps so agile? – probably an Orgon-Accumulator in Buckingham-Palace since long time ago …

Ahoj from Prague,