Lilith Capricorn


© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

Dear readers,

Cédric Villani – a highly honoured mathematician as well as a politician, too – part of the French elite – as his curriculum vitae says – shows us, whats it´s like to – as Libra catches for the liberal taste (think of Oscar Wilde) – give high contrast, could be the motto. The spider – Pluto – fit´s him well – close to the sun and with a strong square to Saturn, „where it´s at“. But all this might be just a method: to hide unconventional Lilith in capricorn, 9th. house – teacher´s place – as Libra tends to logic – authority might as well use unconventional methods with the leading capricorn sign of the 10th. house.

All of this even stronger on family aid and education for the young ones with a reception of Moon/Saturn (one in the sign of the other … ) – so this is, why you find him on the headlines in France these days, when it comes to public discussions about minor abilities of French scholars in Math. ; – as Lilith is running Capricorn these days (till 9th. of August) … , makes him hit his obscure frequency on metaphysical sorcery, Math. really is …

best regards,