Henry´s golden heart

Photo of a large gold pendant on a chain. The pendant is open, showing "H K" "TOVS IORS" on one side and a floral design with "TOVS IORS" on the other.

Inside Henry VIII, 28.06.1491, julian, außen Goldfund 13.12.2019, gregorian

Dear readers,

something must have gone wrong with this couple of a Cancer King and Capricorn Queen. Both had a Moon in Aries, not easy to get along anyway. It is presented now 2023 to the international press, not 2019, when it was found. It probably just did not fit into the menu of news that are being presented to us regular folks in 2019.

King Henry VIII was the one who killed one wife after the other. Mrs Aragon was his first wife though, she was banished and not killed.

Detail showing Henry VIII tilting in front of Katherine of Aragon, courtesy College of Arms – Westminster tournament roll

As the heart of gold is being discovered by a hobby treasure hunter, we see Pluto, Venus and Saturn in conjunction with Henry´s Uranus in house 5, the house of love and sports. It is suggested, the heart might have been a trophy on a knightly sports event. Venus and Pluto are the gold treasure, anyhow. Uranus in house 5 was a guaranty for unstable love-life for this king.

As usual, their common daughter, the „Bloody Mary“ turns out to be Piscian born, her fathers 7th. house (where she don´t belong) – and so replaces her mom at the age of 11. Happens often enough to modern couples, as the child fits in the house of partnership of one of the parents. Must be karma.


Markus Termin