Just imagine you had Pisces house 4 … Fische im vierten Haus

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Dear readers,

in this case you are probably a Sagittarius rising. First this means, you could walk a lot on your feet, because this makes you feel at home – since Pisces do have this special connection to the feet, as we see – for an example – on Leonardo da Vincis „Last Supper“ with barefoot grounding Pisces-born Bartholomäus (left) and head-strong Petrus on the (right) Aries-Side at the other end of the long table:

Second you might live close to water – „Ahoj“ – will be a word, quite familiar to you. You also will have a tendency to make the whole world your home, because Pisces is usually house 12 = www, the whole world.

To get even a deeper specification, we could follow the two pisces-rulers, Neptun and Jupiter, new and old one: where do they go in your chart?

Rulers Neptun and Jupiter house 9 would take Pisces abroad (living at the institute is another possibility), Haus 7 means living with a husband, house 8 at least living at somebody elses place, house 2 means to own the place, but house 1 is like a snail shell (home is with you): and gives another argument for a nomadic existence. As the ability for independence wants to be used, like horse-power needs to run. In case as normal both rulers stay at different houses, both meanings from each different houses will long for expression in life.

With Pisces house 4, your home-place has also the character of a hideout (from the world?): the meaning of house 12 loaned to house 4.

Last not least: Pisces house 4 could make the natural father invisible  – one or the other way – let fiction take the place of real father is one way, him being absent another.

Any water-magic will improve your home-quality: rainbow by prism, pictures of sea-wildlife on the walls, bonds with sea-side colors and sky endless interior with mirrors and whatever your own phantasy adds to this row. Even pictures of Pisces born persons – like George Harrison, or music of Pisces-born composers (Antonio Vivaldi, G. F. Händel, Jonny Cash) will have an effect on your home.

And, of course we know, Neptun is home in present at Pisces from 2011 to 2025 – and Jupiter will have a square to him (last of three) at 21/22 of September our days. Makes sense to add some attention to this „grounding“ …

Kind regards,