Slavnostní odhalení orloje – feierliche Wiedereröffnung der Uhr – Reopening of the Astronomical Clock

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another metamorphosis on this true world-machine from the Baroque. See Neptun rising! It starts with the name. As Jakub Malina* points out – it is not an astronomical clock at all – but a pure astrological clock with a genuin astrological chart in the very center of the machine, clearly showing the zodiac as in any regular birth chart sun plus moon-phases and signs – our times have some interest putting this in fogs of indistinguishability (nerozlišitelnost) – just like the fairytale of moving astrological zodiac-signs because of precession: which is not true, too. If it where true, we had no Equinox, no time-measurement at all, because it´s all bound to the „First point of Aries“ (British Astronomical Society) – never changing as long as earth and sun move around each other. Stars out there move, indeed they do a full circle in 25800 years but relativ to the static zodiac, otherwise we wouldn´t know –  tropical zodiac is fundamental to Pope Gregor´s VIII. (Capricorn) and Rudolf´s II. (Lev) reforma kalendáře – „times (calendars) they are a changing“ – the tropical zodiac never does – for he is the „last lender of resorts“ to any orientation in the sky – if this „First Point of Aries“ would move through precession, we wouldn´t even know about precession – because our meter would move along with measuring. It´s a simple but deep error, rolling through times –  questioning – of course – the whole idea of relativity – for absolute relativity makes the rule of measurement itself move along – and: hups! We are lost outa nowhere with science, home of fairytales from Big Bank to Dark Mater and the Queen of Cosmos: Singularity herself, where all the laws of science have an end – on the other hand: non absolute relativity makes the term relativity itself redundant.

Still, there is a strong affinity to Chiron, the wounded healer, with this clock from the very beginning (see Chiron at today´s position in the 1338 chart, when the Town Hall was first established probably with an early clock on it).

How radical the reconstructions of the Orloj through times where, you find by comparing the scene down below, when the execution of 28 Bohemian freedom-fighters took place – it´s a fairly different clock to be seen on this picture of medieval cruelty –  but in the chart for this date (21.06.1621 on bottom) you discover Chiron – as he did two days ago in present – also moving backwards in and to Pisces coming from early Aries – fitting with Lilith in a conjunction 1621, to let heavens cry – there was a rainbow above Prague at the very incident, as chroniclers preserved.

But the Orloj keeps changing: now backwards in time, as the clockwork was de-modernized for the first time in history  – I hope it works (see Neptun rising retrograde!).

Another clear sign is that of Master Hanus´​ blinding – which actually really never took place, but gives hint on what people know subconsciously about the origins of technique, „techen“ way back in Ol` Egypt – Golem´s third eye is another sign to this.

In the chart of reopening compared to 1338 (middle one) the Neptun (outer circle) – Pluto today conjunction and Saturn/Pluto Square give room to think …

28.09.2018 18:00 MEZ/S Praha

down below: September 1338 in the outer Ring


21.06.1621, sunrise

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Markus Termin