Europa, Zeichen

„They`ve put that bloody thing off!“*

Unten: innen Orloj 1410, aussen 9.01.2018, Foto Termin ©

Dear readers, this was …

* A tourist´s speach while finding out, the Orloj – the „Astronomical Clock“ is under construction hopefully no longer than August 2018. Unconsciously giving a report of the old bloody Legend of Master Hanus, the constructor – and even furthermore etymologically based suggestions on the origin of technique´s spell on us. The ambitious project of reconstruction of the clockwork to it´s original hemp-rope weight driven power transmission starts January 9th. when Mercury, the god in charge for clocks, is on 28º Sagittarius, catching a sextile support by the Moon in Libra that same day …

To make it more significant, Mars is having a direkt conjunction to it´s own position in Scorpio. And Scorpio-Mars is in deed this places bloody history – as the Jan Hus memorial in the very neighbourhood shows clearly. Not to speak about the Pluto/Venus/Sun Unit.

Yours sincerely,