Harvesting the Eclipse: Tucker´s revenge

Dear readers,

the biggest public voice in the US fired for telling too much of the truth: on war, gender, climate, abortion … even the poison, they call vax lately (Fox 19.04.2023) … what is going to follow for Tucker with Jupiter in Taurus (May 16th) will be his comeback on a higher level the following year.

Anyone who takes a move against the globalist ongoing agenda is either canceled or destroyed. At the same time, this man-hostile agenda can only fail: but the destruction of civilization, trust, democracy is enormous and will change the world.

I am afraid, that the very bad guys behind the curtain just long for as much destruction, as possible: „To shape the world in a way, we want it“. They call it „creative destruction“ – regular people know: it´s crime on humanity.

With regards,