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Mercury retrograde training

Rudolf Steiner: „Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and it´s Attainment“

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Dear readers,

Mercury retrograde training (31.10. – 21.11). There is only one trick, to entre the spiritual world according to Rudolf Steiner – besides that trick it takes (may be long) time to practice, of course: the spiritual „muscles“ need constant training … but then it´s all about turning around the natural flow of time upside down: imagine a rose at her flowering peak … then  imagine her to wither – In the state of fading away – and the other way round, of course. Of that kind is all the training: turn upside down the flow of time in your consciousness – work your days backwards before falling asleep (Pythagoras advised to do so three times) – do that for some time in a very concentrated way – and it is said to open the door for „Higher Worlds“.