Germany on the road to 4th Reich

Dear readers,

anybody reading this from outside of Germany – please realize, that the fake-pandemic and all of the following installations against freedom have their origin – sad to say – in Germany again: PCR-Test, killing and most dangerous Gen-therapeutic „vaccinations“ – and also the mind set for the demolishion of democracy. Very sorry to say this about my own country, but Germany spreads out fascism again – medical doctors and lawyers leaving the country. Always remember, the 3rd Reich startet with health and hygienical perverted measures, just like nowadays.

Astrologically we find Chiron on top of house 10 as a sign of violation of governance.





Another German leader finds big opportunities in Old/New Reset-Fascism

… so dear readers, don´t trust her, in Germany she left the Department of Defense after really some years holding this office in complete chaos. Legal investigation – a joke in post-democratic Germany – still going on. It´s the ruin of an army. Libra, of course, tends to spend money. Makes some, too. She´s a rich man´s girl, private school – princess always get´s, what she want´s … see her witch broom? – Magica de Spell … the video caught the perfect moment. She´s a super Libra: with Venus, Mercury and the Sun plus Dragon Head – Jupiter with Neptune in Scorpio! Loe Moon (the hair) with Uranus – mother of the magical 7 childs … from Merkel´s grace to this EU top-position free of democracy – if you would have asked the Germans, they would have said: no. We call her „Uschi“. Wish her luck privatly – but get out of office as quick as possible – she´s all industry in my opinion – has not had a single own thought in her lifetime, jet.