Another German leader finds big opportunities in Old/New Reset-Fascism

… so dear readers, don´t trust her, in Germany she left the Department of Defense after really some years holding this office in complete chaos. Legal investigation – a joke in post-democratic Germany – still going on. It´s the ruin of an army. Libra, of course, tends to spend money. Makes some, too. She´s a rich man´s girl, private school – princess always get´s, what she want´s … see her witch broom? – Magica de Spell … the video caught the perfect moment. She´s a super Libra: with Venus, Mercury and the Sun plus Dragon Head – Jupiter with Neptune in Scorpio! Loe Moon (the hair) with Uranus – mother of the magical 7 childs … from Merkel´s grace to this EU top-position free of democracy – if you would have asked the Germans, they would have said: no. We call her „Uschi“. Wish her luck privatly – but get out of office as quick as possible – she´s all industry in my opinion – has not had a single own thought in her lifetime, jet.