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Dear readers,

would like to share this virtual space with fellows who might do have or like to start an own blog – and that´s why they understand the idea of connecting 3 – 6 – 12 blogs up to a covering cultural-online magazine (wordpress professional infrastructure for free and free of advertising, I pay for that) in the near future.

No reason to be shy, when you are for instance an artist, looking for a cool place where her/his online-gallery give a good contrast to and has more technical understanding of building up an online shop, than I have.

Others might want to share music, deep political understanding, low carb tips, Joga teachings, fashion, real science (physics/astronomy without relativity hoax) and last the horoskope of week/month is – what I concentrate on.

So the idea is: 1. Join 2. Make/Have own blog (can be) totally different from subject astrology but with high expectations on content and blog-style. 3. Change three (or more) connected blogs into cool and high level cultural/political net-magazine, preferred on an international level, English, Czech, German … and give it a New Good Name while building up on visitors tradition of „Astrologisches Stundenbuch“, now up to a million hits.

Let me know your thoughts … :