Hvězda – Star Castle – Schloss Stern

Dear Readers,

Star Summer-castle Prague

this is an astrological opening – it takes long part of the day and has a low-carb picnic included. You will have something, to look back upon as an important link to understanding Bohemian Magic as a unique phenomenon at the base of Natur & Geometry, from times, used to the common fiew. In case of rainy days, we´ll stay inside and see what happens … :-) … there´s plenty to wonder about … one of the most magical high level places in Europe, still waiting for deliverance … summer only … small groups up to 5 Persons (may be 6 really nice persons … ) most welcome – use markustermin@gmx.de to fix the date – individuals don´t be shy – it´s a pleasure to get to know you! – (please give date of birth, place, and – if you know – time (ask mom, if alive, and if you can´t get proper birth time, we´ ll find out a lot with knowledge of birthday only … ))  … there is no other use of these dates, be shure, you are under professionell astrological care – there is no aspect of your chart or astrology we have to miss – even epistemology questioning – what is astrology? To this the building itself gives the perfect clue.

1200 Krowns or 60 Euro or 70 Dollar





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Just give us a mail markustermin (a) gmx.de, in case you have a date …

Markus & Sabine