Coming through Winter with Astrology course at: Cukrarna Alchymista, Letna Praha

Foto & Art, Markus Termin und Herbert Langhammer ©


Dear Readers,

this is a winter´s leisure project: learning Astrology by learning to read your own chart. Make winter warm. We meet every second Monday 18:00 at Cukrárna Alchymista, right around the corner of the Sparta- Stadion – 200 CZK/person & evening – starting Monday, 05.11.2018 – and of course whatever you taste and enjoy of the Cukrárna Alchymista specialities, is not included – fully included in deed  though is heartfull and skillful chart-interpretation and learning by reading your own chart throughout the winter better and better. The group woun´t be happy, unless simple questions will be taken great care for – beginners welcome, those, who already have a state of the art will be wisdom & pleasure for all participants of our Astrological winter adventure.

The course is being accompanied by professional astrologer Markus Termin, one of the most constant astrological Bloggers, several Publications, Videos on the „Philosphy of Astrology“, Musician, 13 Years of professional experience mainly on partnership and family-astrology.

Just send me a mail:, to let me know and i`ll let you know, if there´s a free seat this winter …

Markus Termin